We are transforming the agriculture value chain by making it transparent, tamper-proof and efficient so that farmer-to-fork traceability becomes an industry norm whereby farmers are trained and treated fairly and consumers are assured of quality and safety of produce at all times. We do this by deploying customized software, a digital marketplace, blockchain protocols and IoT devices throughout the food chain.

Tier 1 Digital employs a digital stack of customized software developed specifically to address the supply chain requirements of farmers, traders and buyers. By deploying our solutions, stakeholders are able to address issues around food adulteration, quality of farm practices, predictability of produce availability, and compliance to region-specific global standards. Every link in the value chain is forged with a digital footprint, making it not just transparent but also verifiable. All of which is secured by our proprietary blockchain protocols.

We also partner with Atsuya Technologies, an IoT company that offers end-to-end solutions —including custom-built sensors, cloud platform and Big Data analytics—and integrate them into our offering to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Tier 1 Digital is part of Tier 1 Network, a company that was born out of a dream and a strong desire to improve the lives of smallholder farmers. Currently, we are helping such farmers through a self-sustaining supply chain initiative, where we source, process and sell high-value, future-proof natural products with full traceability. Learn more about Tier 1 Network and how you can be part of this movement.