A large post harvest and warehouse management firm came to us with problems regarding their inventory control and operations management. We deployed our Track+ Make software to improve their supply chain management, provide greater flexibility to procurement and sales and also enable commodity-wise traceability.

The client operated more than 500 warehouses with a capacity exceeding 3.5 million metric ton and managing over 1 billion USD worth of assets. They offered end-to-end solutions for procurement, handling, preserving, storing, and financing farm produce. They dealt directly with farmers, traders, processors and financial intuitions.

The client faced challenges in the management of a workforce of more than 100 professionals, maintaining optimum warehouse inventory and financial management.

Tier 1 Digital’s implementation of Track+ Make provided a technology platform to manage inventory, finance, farm efficiency and the supply chain. The solution helped eliminate the middleman and provided better market integration. Produce attributes like inventory arrival, storage and dispatch along with its integrated analysis was enabled through a mobile platform. Financial management requirements like the creation of vouchers for sales purchase, contra, journal, debit/credit notes, payment receipts were also set up through the software.

The key benefits to the client were improved produce handling, efficient warehouse utilization, management and financial control. Commodity-wise traceability another value addition to the client.

Track+ Make helps food processing companies along the value chain starting from receiving goods, scheduling quality control and batch-wise tracking to managing sales. This provides the highest level of flexibility to track production for efficient operational monitoring and control. Sourcing models help purchase teams procure directly from farms, government markets or other traditional sources. The solution also supports direct production styles such as made-to-order, made-to-stock or mixed models. It can also be used to model different sales strategies which sales staff can use to analyze and generate greater market insights. Finance staff can use it to ensure compliance in addition to standard requirements.