One of India’s fastest growing seed producing companies came to us with problems in the management of their R&D division. We deployed our Track+ Grow software to not only streamline and improve R&D processes but also improve data management through a mobile platform.

One of India’s fastest growing seed producing companies with a presence in more than 10 states. They have served more than 5 lakh farmers and are the leading cauliflower hybrid seed-seller in the country. They offer a full range of vegetable seeds that include chilis, tomato, and okra.

The client faced challenges in the operation of its R&D division, maintenance of the genome database, managing planting and other research inputs.

Tier 1 Digital’s implementation of Track+ Grow enabled a comprehensive genealogy of seeds. The mobile app helped track the activities of research staff, farm inputs for each research and reproductive technique and also had a feedback mechanism.

The key benefits to the client were the segregation of genome data, elimination of data duplication, selection and rejection and underperforming varieties and an overall increase in research accountability.

Track+ Grow enables systematic documentation of growing information. Farm compliance standards are met to provide an opportunity for emerging farms to adopt good agricultural practices. Every element of information recorded on the system is geo-tagged to ensure complete traceability from seed to truck. Inspection agencies can make on-field observations using mobile devices and photographs to publish information about crop stages and diseases instantly. Agronomists and researchers can access this in­formation in real time to prevent disease outbreaks or forecast yields.