A large seafood production company came to us with inventory problems and supply chain management issues in their shrimp business. We deployed our Track+ Make software to improve and integrate their operations process and enabled real time monitoring and control.

A seafood production company, part of a 25 year old business conglomerate owning 250 hectares of hatcheries and over half a million hectares of farms. The client operated a state-of-the-art factory with a production capacity of 25 metric tons per day. They also maintained high industrial standard like BAP, BRC and HACCP.

The client faced complex business challenges with their supply chain, production and disease identification. The challenges in their shrimp business included monitoring of shrimp farms, procuring, packaging and storing of large volumes, biomass estimation, yield tracking and quality assurance and control.

Tier 1 Digital’s implementation of Track+ Make enabled complete automation of business operations while integrating production and finance. Report generation for batch-wise purchase on the basis on weight and quality was done to help determine the right price and enable efficient tracking of logistics and storage. Simulated models for biomass estimation was also generated. A mobile platform was created to increase the ease of use.

The key benefits to the client were a well defined and managed value chain, improved decision making for pricing, real time situation analysis, inventory control and purchase management at the shrimp farms. The solution also eliminated data entry duplications.

Track+ Make helps food processing companies along the value chain starting from receiving goods, scheduling quality control and batch-wise tracking to managing sales. This provides the highest level of flexibility to track production for efficient operational monitoring and control. Sourcing models help purchase teams procure directly from farms, government markets or other traditional sources. The solution also supports direct production styles such as made-to-order, made-to-stock or mixed models. It can also be used to model different sales strategies which sales staff can use to analyze and generate greater market insights. Finance staff can use it to ensure compliance in addition to standard requirements.