Shyam Mohan Chairman of Board


"The more transparent the food
supply chain, the more
wholesome the food."

An experienced intrapreneur-turned-entrepreneur, Shyam has a rich history of working in various leadership roles in agriculture, food production, property management and the hospitality industry. A strong business development professional who has attended the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School, Shyam launched Tier 1 Network and Tier 1 Digital with the shared value principle of making a positive difference in the lives of smallholder farmer communities. The intent is to bring state-of-the-art digital technologies to the agri value chain for the benefit of all stakeholders: the smallholder farmers, traders, processors, and buyers. Farmers benefit from access to global best practices in farming, traders from reliable information on produce availability, processors from high-quality supplies, and buyers from complete visibility into the supply chain. Shyam’s life goal is to create a global enterprise with a big heart that lives to a higher purpose and makes the difference that matters.